Swirl marks?  Blemishes? Light scratches? Buffing Holograms? Before you spend excessive amounts on a new paint job, visit our shop for a paint correction estimate.  We can restore the lustre to your paint and hand you back a car with a mirror finish.

Paint Correction Package

• Detailed exterior high pressure hot decontamination rinse, hand wash & blow dry
• Detail wheel faces & inner barrels, tyres & wheel wells
• Door jambs detailed
• Bitumen removal from bodywork & wheels
• 3 step paint decontamination
• All required preparation &  2 stage high speed polishing as required
of all paint to remove/repair all correctable defects such as scratches, oxidation etc
• Application of synthetic sealant or wax – upgrade to ceramic coating for extra cost
• Windows, rear view & vanity mirrors cleaned inside and out
• Air Freshener Spray
• Complimentary Interior vacuum
• Application of non-sling tyre dressing
• Hard water stains removed from exterior glass
• Exhaust tips polished

Cars: FROM $1495
Small SUVs: FROM $1595
Full Size SUVs: FROM $1695

48 hrs minimum

Prices may vary due to the size and condition of vehicle.  Pet hair, vomit, blood, urine, feces, broken glass and tobacco residue not included in price. Please remove all personal items & valuables prior to cleaning.  A fixed quotation can be given once vehicle is presented at workshop for evaluation. 

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